Sunday, June 1, 2008

I love my job

From one thing to the other......

It just might be a goat's life, but as I am always quick to point out - goats have it going on. I'm gonna have to say, they've got me beat hands down on matters of parenting. Their kids are respectful, they know who's boss and they damn sure don't argue or back-talk. They all know how to think and figure things out for themselves. I wish I had been as industrious with my own kids. My son argues with me from sun-up(or son-up -which ever happens first) to sun-down and all I can say is that barbed wire is taking over all the brown hair on my head. Talk about adding insult to injury. Sometimes I feel like a serious failure - not a total failure - there's a difference here. Serious is this: Driving my son(18) and my nephew(22) to their respective jobs today and my son asks
" Have you ever had one of those dreams where you fell and woke up before you hit bottom?"
" Well sure," says I.
" Well so and so says that he had a friend who dreamed he was falling and didn't wake up before he hit bottom and died in his sleep."
(Okay - what the fuck is wrong with this picture? I completely lost it!. )
" What the hell? How could your jack-ass friend (this particular friend is, in about every way possible, a jack-ass) possibly know what that kid was dreaming if he died in his sleep. Jesus, Mary, Joseph and ALL THE SAINTS!!!!!"
" Well, maybe his parents told him."
"Are you fucking kidding me? Do you not see that this is not possible?!?!?!?!?!?!?"
Anheuser Busch can not brew enough Budlight to keep me calm these days. I take my Effexor XR pill every morning and my brain laughs and says, " Is that all you got? Get big or go home, you SISSY!" Where did I go wrong? Yes, my son is somewhat different - he has Asperger Syndrome - but he is highly intelligent and mostly a joy to me and those around him. BUT - when he is being a TEENAGER with Asperger Syndrome - well all I can say is "Lord help us all". And you know I'm a heathen - I only go to church about 4 times a year and I'm so sorry and lowdown that I don't even go on the holidays like most heathens. You know, everybody goes on Easter, at least. Not me.
And this little scenario is the kind of thing that goes on every single day, just different subjects and different venues. Bless his heart, he has no discernment at all when it comes to people - everyone is absolutely innocent until proven guilty at least - at the very least - a minimum of 5 times! His so-called friends shit all over him because they can. Would it kill one of those little trout-sniffers to be the one for once, that picks up the phone and calls him instead of him calling them? He lost one kid's phone number and almost drove me crazy angsting over it until he ran into the kid one day at the movie theater. Know what the kid said? "Wow, I wondered why I hadn't heard from you."
Well, you didn't wonder enough to pick up the phone and call him, did you asshole!
So my son makes excuses for him and says he's really busy because he goes to high school and college. Well, he has time to go to the movies doesn't he? I guess I probably shouldn't be angry at people for being human, should I?

Anyway, if you're interested in Asperger Syndrome, this is the website to end all websites. The one that got me through the early days after the diagnosis - O.A.S.I.S
There are many websites, but this one is incredible, put together by a mom who has been through it all and written the book. Barb Kirby - you're awesome!