Sunday, August 30, 2009

Can a Mental Hospital Buy Lottery Tickets?

Why don't I just start buying lottery tickets? I would like to win the lottery - right now it's up to three hundred and something million dollars in Georgia. It would be the easiest thing in the world to skip right over there and buy some tickets. So what's stopping me? That's a rhetorical question really........I know what's stopping me. It's the fact that every single time I've bought a ticket I don't even get one number and it just pisses me off. The fact I've that I even brought this up makes no sense I guess since apparently I'm not going to buy any tickets, but I started thinking about it because since I left my regular full time job at one hospital to go back to the hospital In which I have spent most of my working life, I've had some trouble getting enough hours to pay the bills and keep us all in feed. ( I don't discuss this with the Van Goats.......they get extremely nervous and start eating the house. ) In my quest to find more work, I started looking everywhere in the city I could think of that would offer nursing jobs. I recalled a time in life a few years ago when I was working one night and this other nurse was talking about how she occasionally worked at the local mental hospital because it was easy money - stand behind a window and pass out pills. How hard could that be? Last night I started trying to find a website for said hospital to apply for a job and strangely enough I couldn't find a website for the hospital, but I did find several articles about how the tanking economy has necessitated budget cuts at this hospital, which is of course a state run hospital. (I did eventually discover, that with this place being state run, you have to go through a government website to apply for those jobs.)They have closed one building which housed most of the long term acute patients, as I understand it, and they are deleting 40 positions in the hospital. The articles I read were very interesting because there are major concerns as to where the patients who need acute care will go when there's no room for them. This hospital isn't the only mental health institution in the city, but it's the hospital that takes the very ill/criminally insane types of patients and when there's no more room in the inn, those types of patients are going to end up in jail. Now tell is cutting the budget at that hospital the answer? Sick is sick! Figure it out people! We don't send patients who have been flown in from a major trauma to a doc-in-a-box when the ED is full. Stop handing out bonuses to undeserving tools who sit behind a desk and cluelessly pull the chain on health care. If these people won't stay and do their jobs without a bonus, there is always going to be someone willing to the job who will. Has no one figured this out yet? It isn't rocket science, people!

So - not only did I not find a job, but I found more evidence that people with the approximate intelligence of gnats are running the state. I particularly loved the part where some guy said that all the employees at this hospital have been apprised of all the changes and they realize that these changes are good for the hospital. The latest euphemism for " the employees realize that the hospital is taking it up the tailpipe and they can't say anything about it or they will be one of the forty employees to get sent to the heezy."

See, this is just another reason that everyone would benefit from observing the habits of goats. A goat would so not allow that to happen. Goats have a quick way of dealing those who breach the ethics of their society. How would those government people feel if they were in their conference room sipping their Starbucks, saying " Well, this hospital is necessary to the county, nay the state, but we're going to have to make cuts elsewhere(wink, wink) if we don't lop a million or so of their budget " then KABAAAAMMMM! They're t-boned right into the next millenium by 120 pounds of horn and muscle. I think this kind of office protocol just might straighten up the whole state - hell - it could straighten up the whole country. Or maybe the hospital could just start buying lottery tickets. The employees that are still there could just start chipping in a dollar or so out of each paycheck.

p.s. Read it for yourself.

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