Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankfully Yours.....?

It's been a while since I last posted, but since I'm pretty sure no one is really reading this it shouldn't be too detrimental to the health of this blog. Anyway, Thanksgiving is upon us and I don't feel too excited. What I really want to do is to stay at home for one day and just do whatever I want. I'm suffering from chronic I-screwed-up-and- spread-myself-too-thinitis. A tragic mistake. If you've ever done this you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. It starts out as a feeling of "Wow, I'm super busy now, but feeling SUPER productive." Then it's, " I'm so tired, but I'll catch up soon - everybody goes through busy spells." Followed by "What the hell was I thinking - what can I cut out?" And finally, " I have completely screwed myself, I have cut back as much as I can - can I check myself into Betty Ford and skip the addiction phase?" , accompanied by almost constant dizziness, exhaustion, cement-brain syndrome and frequent digestive unrest, as well as feelings of impending doom. It's not a pretty picture. What now?
I find myself clinging to my kids as unobtrusively as possible but they are definitely keeping me going. The Van Goats feel somewhat neglected which makes me feel sad - I've been getting the cold horn here and there. Huevo the rooster has disappeared so Poachie rules the roost alone. I miss his belligerent, feathered ass. Strange how you can still love an animal even after he jumps you when you bend over to pick up some hay. Was that just obnoxiously, aggressive behavior or did he think I was his giant girlfriend with no feathers? Just wondering.
So I have no solution to this overdoing problem at this particular time, but I do know that I love my family and I'm thankful that I've been so blessed. That's really enough sometimes, isn't it?

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