Saturday, November 6, 2010

Van Goats Have Their Leaves and Eat Them Too.

I went out to see the goats when I got home from work this evening. They were all nestled in their beds, however I'm pretty sure no visions of sugar plums were involved. I don't think they're overly sentimental. One Vincent Van Goat did get quite testy because he wanted out of the fence, but since they more or less bullied the heating and air unit into submission (for submission read malfunction) they are no longer allowed out of the fence. I tried to explain to them that there are consequences for trying to prove dominance over inanimate objects, but they remained unimpressed. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy to see them tucked into their straw beds in their houses. They all came out and talked for a minute and then went back to bed. Hey, around here - bedtime is bedtime.

It's finally cold here in Tennessee. Winter is so mediocre in the ..hack...cough....."Volunteer" state. It does get fairly cold, but it doesn't actually snow. It does, however, rain miserably for 85% of the winter. is rather suckish. I've been looking at other people's blogs - namely, In a Goat's Shoes and Octoberfarm and I feel somewhat envious, and I try not to because envy is a bad thing, but it's hard not to when I look at these fabulous blogs and their pictures. Wow. These are places that have real seasons complete with leaves changing and snow. We don't really have much in the way of leaves changing anymore and as I stated earlier, we don't have any snow to speak of - it's like we're seasonally challenged or something.The Van Goats don't really care what color the leaves are - they will eat them no matter what. As for myself, guess I'll have to content myelf with living vicariously through these colorful blogs. It's okay though - I have my kids and the Van Goats - and their kids. Cheers!

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