Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Wallace and Gromit.........the Uncles

Wallace and Gromit came to us from a farm on the mountain and I must say that the girl that I got them from is one of the neatest people I've ever met. If there is someone out there who is living the life that I would like to live, it is this girl. For her, it is all about her goats. Yet another story.

Anyway, the boys came from this fabulous herd of goats and just looking at the quizzical expressions on their faces is enough to make me feel the laughter bubbling up inside. They have so much to say, but mostly they say it to each other. They definitely have the twin thing going on. Wallace - the one on the left - is extremely shy, and wants so badly to eat out of my hand - he's tried, but he just can't quite make himself. One time I snuck up behind him when he was lying out on top of their little red barn and started scratching his butt and his back gently, and he just kept lying there, not for one second looking at me. He would sort of glance over his shoulder, but his whole countenance said " This is heaven, but I'm not looking...just in case......". It is very hard to catch him when I have to give him wormer or a shot, but once I am actually holding him, he likes to be petted and loved.

Gromit is more outgoing than his twin and he likes to loved on and fed and he will spar with any one of the other goats every chance he gets. I rarely see one of the boys without the other and they are fun to watch because they do all the things together that I mentioned before - eat, sleep and play. They scratch their chins on eachs others horns, they use each other for pillows when they sleep and they'll play king of the mountain with any thing onto which they can climb or jump. Wallace has gotten more outgoing , but he took things slowly, starting out occasionally attaching himself to Vanessa, who apparently was a mother figure. Now they butt heads and chase each other around like everybody else.

Even though these guys didn't start out as "original " Van Goat family members, they easily blended with the rest of the family and we affectionately refer to them as the "The Uncles." Everybody should have such cool uncles.

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