Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Trixie and Gus, about three days old....

These are the babies for which the Van Goat Ranch has been waiting. I'm not sure how much tragedy and sadness this blog can manage, so for the moment I'll just say that Trixie and Gus weren't the first babies we were waiting for, but they were the first to stay................and their arrival was worth every minute of the wait. Trixie, also known as Little Bag of Tricks, looks like her daddy (Vincent) but her personality is all her own. Augustus, mostly known as Gus, Gussy and GusGus, looks like his mommy(Twister), but he too has created his own niche in the Van Goat family. What they have in common with each other is that every single thing they do is just absolutely the cutest thing you've ever seen , it is necessary to kiss both of them several times a day, and they grow waaaay too fast. My sister recently told me that the way I was talking to one of the goats was sickening it was so sweet and for pete's sake I never even talked to my daughter like that, to which I replied , "Well, she's not a goat." I mean, you want your children to grow into adults, and wonderful though they are, my goats are never going to speak to me in English or any other language other than "Caprinese", so why should I talk to them like they're humans. Besides, they get extra points for not talking back to me like my 16 year old son does.

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