Monday, May 28, 2007

My first post!!!!

I am so excited to be here in the world of cyber sharing!! Yippeee! I love looking at and reading other people's blogs and I am excited to finally be putting my own out there. Thanks to all you people who have inspired me, and there are many out there who have inspired with their creativity and willingness to share themselves and their ideas. Here's to you Jennifer Schmoo and The Vegan Lunchbox, Dreena Burton and Vive le Vegan, and last not but not least, Lucy with her vegan family and By Other Means. As I recall, it was Lucy's website that introduced me to The Vegan Lunchbox, thereby igniting the fire in me to start my own blog. Alas, I didn't start my own blog until well over a year later, but hey - all in good time.

So......todayI have made my introduction...........tomorrow, I'm going to teach myself how to add the pictures and make this thing come to life! Cheers!

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