Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Vanessa Van Goat

Vanessa is a beautiful little girl and I have to say that she is maybe a little bit my favorite.Truly I love all our goats, but Vanessa was the first goat we got and she and I have a special bond. Of course, it couldn't have anything at all to do with the fact that I sat with her in the back yard off and on for three days after she had a very traumatic c-section and lost her baby. Or the fact that I cried with her when she was sad because she saw her twin sister's babies frolicking and didn't have one of her own. Oh I know, people think I'm a lunatic because I am insanely in love with my goats and I fancy that they have all these thoughts and feelings (and I KNOW that they do) but if that is lunacy then go ahead and check me in the nut hut because I am certifiably CRAZY about my goats. You know, there is a lot that people just don't know about goats. Most people don't know that they are loving, loyal,and hugely entertaining - they just think that they are lawn mowers and fertilizers.(One cannot deny the value of those qualities.) People think that they are extremely destructive (okay, I've made a few repairs.)But - there is just nothing like the miracle of goats. I love to watch them eat the goat feed and the hay that they love; I love to watch them romp on my daughter's play set and in her little playhouse ;and I love to watch them sleep - they all have their own particular sleeping configuration. I love the way Vanessa comes up and lays her head down on my arm when she wants some attention - Vincent comes up and pushes his head against my leg (some pushes are harder than others.). Twister will absolutely let you know when SHE wants your attention. Wallace and Gromit are the most shy of all, but they too let me know they enjoy life on the ranch. Trixie and Gus are Twister's babies and their joy in life is evident in every thing they do. That is a whole "nother" story. All of the goats have their own individual personalities and they all give love and receive it in their own way which just draws me to them more and more every day.

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