Monday, March 2, 2009

The Face of a Person on the Edge......

Ok.....well I'm not really on the edge now, but it has been that kind of day. You know your world really ain't right when you decide the best picture for your profile on Facebook is the one that doesn't show the zit on your chin. Forget how the rest of the picture looks. So until a better zit-free picture comes along, this is the one.

Tomorrow is a big day. I'll be leaving for the hospital at the butt-crack of dawn for surgery. I'm getting a bionic butt. Well - half a bionic butt. Well, really it's just a total hip replacement, but it might be all metal so that counts doesn't it? I'm excited!! After almost a year of protecting the recliner from unwanted intruders - and I DO take my job seriously - this time tomorrow I'll walking around on a brand new half -ass. (I don't think there are any implications there - my doctor is the best!) The VanGoats are excited of course as they have really missed my presence out in the yard. I do visit them , but the visits are short and not many. I miss them so much. Talking to them out the window just isn't the same. I think they miss me too.

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Not Afraid to Use It said...

I hope the surgery went well, hon. Sending healing vibes and hugs to you.