Saturday, August 18, 2007

Up Close and Personal..........

Gussy really knows how to live on the edge. Here, he is investigating Hermione's tail, which was waving around like a red flag. I was waiting for the inevitable smack - down, but he lost interest before she was incensed enough to exert herself. It was a rather interesting exchange nonetheless. It's so bloody hot outside that if I were the cat in the chair, he probably could have gnawed my tail off before I even started to get disturbed. The backyard, is ummmm, looking rather junglesque due to the fact I am not into heat exhaustion or stroke. Now that the clover is gone, the goats have started munching grass again , thankfully. Everyone thinks that goats eat anything and everything - they don't. My guys are rather picky, in fact. (This could be due to the fact that they are extremely SPOILED - as in brats. Last night around eleven, Trixie was on the deck bleating her head off because she wanted a snack. There's no ignoring her either - it just goes on and on until you pony up the munchies. So, there we were in the back yard, doling out feed to the seriously oppressed.............poor babies.

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