Sunday, August 5, 2007

Slacker Alert!!!

That would be me, slacker extraordinare! Haven't posted in a week, so I thought today I would break the silence - I find this ironic, since it is not likely that anyone is listening anyway. (This, in and of itself, is cracking me up.) It's been a hellatious week, let me tell ya. I started working 7a-7p during the week - a break neck shift in orthopedics compared to the weekend pace. It felt good to work hard non-stop and I think maybe I lost 5 pounds - no lie. Rachel, Alex and I all have been struggling with some version of sore throat and snotty nose, but Rachel seems to be bucking for the most persistent snotty nose. I feel like a dirt bag today since we apparently didn't help her cause by going down to the flea market - my first trip ever to a flea market and not one damn flea! - follwed with lunch at Don Lo Lo's (ya gotta love that name - does it sound like Mexican food to you?)and then the grand finale - a double feature at the Wilderness Outdoor Theater. Frickin awesome - I haven't been to the drive in since I was Rachel's age. Richard, Rachel and I watched The Simpson's and License to Wed. Alex went to screen one for The Bourne Ultimatum and The Transformers. I really enjoyed both movies, but due to the wanker in front of us in the concessions, we missed probably the first half hour of The Simpson's. Other than that, it was time well spent. We backed the truck( for truck, see this)
into the appropriate space, set up the chairs in the back of the truck, tuned in the boombox to the correct frequency and Hello - that is the ONLY way to watch a movie! I don't ever want to go to a regular theater again. Uh.......yeah! I've already said I'm a redneck! Alex and I are, being Halloween fanatics - both the movie and the holiday - looking foward to Rob Zombie's upcoming version of the movie Halloween! I am really hoping that it's going to be at the outdoor theater - talk about a hella-bomb way to see that movie! I ,uh, admit to listening to his music on occasion - usually at work where the kids aren't listening. It makes for efficient adrenaline usage in the work place. We all have our dark sides.
Although I do actually have more to ramble about, we're off to get Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup and ginger ale. The princess needs pampering. And meanwhile.............the Van Goats are enjoying lazy, hazy Sunday afternoon.

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