Monday, August 6, 2007

Four Year Old Tyrants

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Everyone should experience one for at least a week in their lives - it has to be for a week because you wouldn't want to miss one of their "personalities". Yes - I'm feeling a little injured right now having awakened to my very own "tyrant" - and she's got a bad cold. Waking up to a sick four year old just isn't like waking up to smell the coffee - it's more like waking up in the path of a speeding Mack truck - painful. If you add not sleeping well and being somewhat under the weather yourself - well that's just an equation that Albert Einstein himself would not have touched. Now, having gotten things somewhat squared away - it's amazing what "green yogurt" and ginger ale can do - things are calm once again and the dictator has left the building , miraculously replaced my sweet, smiling angel. Whew.

As it happens, no sooner than I thought I was home free(that's what I get for thinking!) my cell phone rang and it was AT&T, finally showing up to fix our phone line which has been out for a week. Do I really need to tell you - yes the phone was dead courtesy of one Vincent Van Goat a.k.a. " Butthead. When you see a black cable with little wires hanging out of it - a cable that used to be attached to something on your house - then you know there's going to be a problem somewhere. Such was the case with our phone line. Should I admit that this was the second time? So ....back to the phone call ;I loved having to answer the question " Well , do you know what happened to your phone line?" Uh, lightning, lawn mower, an Act of God - you choose."
He had the line fixed in no time at all with our assurances that we would keep it safe from the goats. So now there's a Little Tykes play house nestled comfortably up against the back of the house - in front of the phone line.

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