Monday, August 27, 2007

Is there a sign on my house?

There must be one somewhere that says - " Bring me your tired, bring me your poor, bring me your stray animals. " We now have a new dog, a dog that we threatened to call the Humane Society on, but due to the fact that she herded the goats when they got out and kept them by the fence until I could get home and return them to the safety , I just couldn't call them on her. The second I put her in with the goats, she decided to "herd" them here and there at warp speed,so...........she is now living in the back part of the enclosure in relative comfort with shelter, food and water, not to mention the, of eight goats that sometimes stand at the fence and stare at her. Everyone is chilled out now; the goats are enjoying their usual siesta and "Cookie" as she has been known in the neighborhood, is enjoying the comfort of her little lean-to in the shade. Life is good.

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