Friday, October 5, 2007

I wanna be a cowgirl........

Well, not really a cowgirl, but I do want to be a goat farmer - for real. Nursing sucks! It was okay when I started twenty years ago, but now it is a travesty....not even a shadow of it's former self. For as long as I've been a nurse, there's been a nursing shortage and there still is a shortage, but I think one of the biggest reasons for this is that all the people who would be nurses - I'm talking the people who actually do the work - are becoming managers, anesthetists, pharmaceutical reps or high paid black jack dealers at the casinos that spring up here and there and pay big money to disgruntled hospital employees. I know this because the casino thing happened when I lived in Connecticut. Nurses left the hospital to go to work at the casino and made big money - the kind that enabled them to buy big houses and drive Beamers. Of course, did they have the kind of job security that working in health care afforded them? Probably.

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