Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My shoes, my shoes, my lovely lady shoes. Okay, Fergie I ain't but I do love my Keens Everyone ought to have at least one pair. Sure, I had to come up with a down payment and interest rates aren't too good on shoes right now, but these babies are the Manolo Blahniks of sporty shoes! I admit it - I got two more pairs when I got my tax return back. Of course, I recently read some article on the stupidest financial mistakes you can make, and getting big tax returns was somewhere real close to the top of the list. Ahem. I sound like an honor graduate of the Spears/Lohan Institute for the Advancement of the Responsibility- Challenged Adolescent. Somebody help me.
Oh three of the Slim Cuisine diet....let'S just say I haven't totally blown it, but there have been a couple of slips back into Starbuckaholism. By 10:30 yesterday morning, my coworkers were BEGGING me to go downstairs and get a triple effing anything. It's little bit of a dilemna friends.

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tax returns

there is hope after all