Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mysterious Forces

There are mysterious forces at work in the universe - mysterious forces that don't want me to blog.... the goats repeatedly tearing up the phone line ( a story unto itself), abject poverty forcing me to cancel cable internet and then my significant other knocking over a glass of water into my laptop. You'd think I could take a friggin hint, wouldn't you? I had accepted that I was going to have to go to Starbucks, Panera, McDonald's, local hospitals with free internet to use my laptop to do my cyber stuff, but now.........nothing..........I don't even have anything to take to Starbucks. WTF? I am at said significant other's house using his computer since the library is closed. And I just LOVE going to library to use their computers so that I can sit there with the rest of the schmos that are there to check their Hotmail accounts. I can do some stuff at work, but they take a dim view of blogging on their time. ( just how tight-assed can an employer be?) Oh well, I'll not be defeated by these mysterious forces - at least, not until they slam all my fingers in the car door.

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