Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Better Than Sex?

I have no self control whatsoever. Last night I was talking to Richard and he said, " You know what I want?" Do I want to know what you want?
"Uh no......I don't."
" I want to go back to Greenlife and get some more of that cranberry walnut bread and French Broad (beer)."
" Well hell, count me in! "
So off we went.....back to Greenlife....two days in a row.........
OMG! They have the best pizza I've ever had. Yes, of course, we did get some more of the cranberry walnut bread, but man/woman/child cannot live by bread alone, so we got a cheese pizza and an Italian Flag pizza. The cheese pizza was good, but the Italian Flag was......well words fail me. I'm still thinking about it longingly like you think about a really hot guy that you just had sex with for the first time. Damn.

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