Friday, November 16, 2007

It's Friday.....

I'm tired, it's been a busy week and I'm overjoyed that it's the weekend. So here I sit at Kinko's......again. We had a baby shower for a friend at work was nice. Great petit fours. They had little baby booties on them.

I almost went into a diabetic coma after eating one of them, but it was worth it. I left to go home after the shower and stopped by a friend's house to see her goats. She is renting four goats from the city to get rid of the kudzu in her backyard. The city has a deal with this guy from South Pittsburg. They are really cute, but she says she isn't really going to make friends with them because she'll just get attached to them and they're going to leave in a month or so. I certainly see her logic, but I just couldn't have four goats in my backyard without slobbering on them and talking to them.

I love this picture of Rachel and Trixie. It cracks me up becaue it's kinda like Trixie senses the dog running up behind her (with the fence between them) , so the ears stick up and she's saying, "Rachel - do you hear something? Eeek!"

I know........I have a vivid imagination.

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