Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Turkey Tag

What a lovely turkey day I had. My kids were with their respective dads and I spent the morning doing whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Yeah, I know - it was really sucky. I hung out with the Van Goats quite a bit and it was a memorable day. I fed each one of them a least a few bites out of my hand because I wanted them to know how thankful I am for them and it was just so sweet. Even Wallace and Pixie, my two shy ones, took a few bites from me (well not from me......) We played and sat around by turns and some of the time I went inside to do stuff there like shower, eat, scrapbook, doze off, etc. The goats got in the mood to play a little game of chase, so I would tag Vincent and then run and he would take off after me and all the other goats would just get nutso and run around bucking and jumping. It was hysterical! A little bit after three, I went to my sister's to be with the rest of the family for Thanksgiving. My mom said, " it took you long enough to get here" to which I replied, " I WAS home by myself - you're lucky I showed up at all! I was tempted to tell you guys that I was just going to have some soup out a of can, so hollah!" You know, I've never really craved time by myself, but I really enjoyed it yesterday. It was especially nice just to do whatever I felt like doing on my schedule. And of course, it was wonderful to spend a lot of time with the Van Goats without feeling like I was taking time from someone else. Is that wrong?

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