Friday, July 20, 2007

Sleeping UN Beauty!!!!!!!!

I don't normally post pictures of myself, but this is too funny - maybe I should've saved it for Halloween! Well last night was the big night - the sleep study. Yes, I do have sleep apnea and I will be returning for the study with CPAP. I just hope it's a cure for me like it is for all my friends who have been here before me. I should have gotten the tech to hold up the box that is connected to all the wires that are connected to my head - what a beaut!! I did not sleep well, not surprisingly, and I figured I hadn't even slept enough to snore let alone have any incidences of sleep apnea that would register on their monitor. Everyone I know says that even trying the CPAP in the lab is just incredible - like a new lease on life. Me - me - please pick me!!!!!

On a less scary note (I think?), Alex and I went to see the Harry Potter movie yesterday and - it totally rocked!!! We loved it! I have enjoyed every one of them, although Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban has been my favorite - until now. This one is even better and I was wide awake the whole time (amazingly enough - see above) Sadly, I am only on the fourth book - I sort of got sidetracked on the books - I've been busy reading thrillers and chick lit. I am back on track now and I'm going to read them all.

Rachel and her dad will be home from vacation tomorrow and they have been greatly missed. I cannot wait to see my little pumpkin - she's been gone too long! They've had a great time, if all the pictures they've sent on my phone are anything to go by, and yesterday they went to the Kennedy Space Center. I have always wanted to go there, but I just haven't made it there yet. Hopefully some day. Wonder if the goats would like to see the shuttle take off?

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