Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fun day out!

This post is actually a couple of days late, this day was Rachel's first visit to her preschool and I believe it is going to be a good thing for her - I've been very anxious since she's never been in any type of child care. Her teacher, Miss Karen, is absolutely wonderful and makes out the coolest weekly plans that keep the kids busy every second of the day. She bases her plans on themes and this weeks theme is a circus theme - the next theme is pizza, which most assuredly will be a huge hit with Rachel. They are going to do everything imaginable with a pizza theme, including making pizza's and delivering them to the other teachers. Now how cool is that!

After we left the school, we went to the park and rode the big carousel, which was big fun for all of us so they talked me into a second go round. Rachel rode the lion, Aslan both time, which she remembered from last summer when we went. Alex rode an ostrich named Oscar and I rode - yes you've got it - a goat. I named him Vincent. (His name was actually Gilley.)

I am thinking we will have a trip to the zoo soon if it ever stops raining long enough. The poor goats are completely water-logged. They keep looking for dry ground and there isn't much to be had. I hate to complain, since we've really needed the water, but I think the house is about to wash off of it's little hill! Hopefully the sun will come and dry everything out soon - at least for a little while. Meanwhile, the goats are all taking turns standing in the deck chairs and I'm cleaning house.

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