Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wake Up!!!!!!

I'm awake, I'm awake already! My 4-year old daughter wants to make sure I'm awake as I'm sitting here pondering my sad little blog, so she's continually setting off the alarm on this cute little, old-fashioned clock, complete with 4-alarm fire bell. On the other hand, ring the bell some more and lets celebrate - my first Sunday off in over two years! Yeee haaaaa! No more working weekends for me. (Of course, having sold my soul to the devil, I will be working every day during the week. ) This of course, is to support our belief that Rachel is ready for something more than being home with mom.

In the meantime, I've got soooo much to do - it is time! I'm going to catch up on scrapbooking, baking, gardening, exercising - the list is endless. We stayed home from church since both the kids have coughs and snotty noses - naturally I would be thwarted on my first attempt to go to church in two years. We've decorated a mason jar, played V Smile games, made waffles and pizza dough and had an altogether productive day so far. The goats are thrilled to have some sunshine and are out staking their claim on their preferred sunning spots and it's looking like the caprine Cancun out there. Rachel is really getting into cooking with me - so far her specialties are pizza dough and lasagna. I have to give Mollie Katzen big thanks for her recipe for pizza dough - it's an all purpose dough actually - because it's easy enough that my daughter can do it with my help. We make the dough by hand and she has got the kneading down yo! I was so proud of her that she helped me from start to finish.I think one thing that has been so rewarding about having a daughter this time around, is that she is interested in some of the things that I do and it is so cool for her to try and imitate what I'm doing because she usually catches on pretty quickly.

You know, I've read many blogs in the last few days and I find it very odd and interesting that my life, the appearance of which is no less substantial than the appearance of the other blogs, is so different. Different to the point that we're living in the same country speaking different languages. Okay, I'm a redneck - I admit it freely - but geez, I used to be a fairly "with-it" kind of person. What is up with that? Don't get me wrong - I'm happy with my life - it just feels strange to find myself in a place that never even was a blip on my future radar in my younger days. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I used to be the "queen bee" and now I'm "Farmer Fran" and the two are not in the same ball park. Of course, I made the choice to withdraw from my life as a hottie. (Could it have had something to do with the 40 pounds that didn't go away after I had Rachel; mine and Richard's separation;or moving to the redneck ghetto?)Uh, there's a thought.

So here I am, not wanting a change really - I do truly love my life - just wanting to get back in the loop in some small way. I've been posting on Twitter, blogging my little heart out and joining every cyber organization that will theoretically put my blog out there amidst all the A-List blogs out there. But will I'll ever have anything to say that the rest of the world wants to hear?

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