Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Welcome Amazon!

Yes, I've joined the ranks of those with a "working" blog so to speak. I became an Amazon Associate yesterday, so I will be displaying links to their site for products that I have used, liked, recommend etc. I dont' expect to become rich, but it's a way to build up enough referral dollars to get a free book or something. For example:

I am reading this right now and so far and I am really impressed with the author's knowledge and his ability to share such an exstensive practice on paper. I have to admit - I really had never even heard of permaculture until I started researching and found this book on Amazon, but as it turns out, there's a whole secret gardening world out there. I plan to completely transform my front yard over time, into a garden that is good to look at and yields a hefty vegetable crop. I also hope to be able create a more pleasing envirnment in the backyard as well, which of course, will be a challenge considering there are eight goats living back there. But hey - what's life without a challenge or two? I've also been on the Path to Freedom site quite a lot - Jules Dervais is my hero! This is a man, who back in the 90's got tired of spending money on watering a lawn that did nothing but sit there and turned his entire fifth of an acre into an urban homestead complete with vegetables, flowers, herbs, animals and a successful business. If it relates to homesteading/sustainability, this man and his family have done it and they have done it well. They even have goats!


André Benjamim said...

and, i have to buy the book you refer, or if i buy any other, you win money any way?

The Van Goat Ranch said...

The actual wording on Amazon is :
"Associates earn referral fees when visitors follow links from their sites to Amazon.com and make a purchase. These links can be to individual products, pages of search results, the Amazon.com home page, or any other page at Amazon.com. " - Amazon.com
I hope this answers your question - I'm not sure it answers mine, but anyway.....Thank you for inquiring and thank you for looking at my blog.