Monday, July 9, 2007

What would the week be without Monday?

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Sort of a trick question - Tuesday would then assume Monday's role, and it would still be painful to get up and recover from working all weekend. The next couple of weeks are going to be uh, challenging to say the least. I am working and extra, extra day this week and I'm working 4 extra days next week while Rachel is on vacation with her dad. I am going to miss her terribly but I am so happy she's getting to go to the beach - she absolutely loves it. We drove down to Jacksonville a couple of years ago to pick Alex up from a visit with his dad, and we spent the night at the beach. It was only one night that we got to stay, but we had a great time! Thinking about all the fun we had inspired me to go dig out these pictures.

We had so much fun building sand castles and playing in the water. Explaining sea shells to a toddler is You know, I've noticed something about blogging - well my blogging, anyway - you start out talking about something, which leads to something else, so then you throw in a picture for that something else, and then you have pictures jumping right out at you that have nothing to do with what you were originally talking about. At this rate, I'll never be a "blog of note". I am so longing for the day that I log on and there it is - "A Goat's Life" - under Blogs of Note". Oh well, a girl can dream. Oh, speaking of " A Goat's Life" , I am making progress in the new patio for the goats. It is not, what I had envisioned, but I guess it will do. I've still got to attach the floor to the base, but I laid out the floor yesterday evening after I got home from work, and they went nuts! They were galloping all over the place, doing flips and chasing each other. It was hilarious. NOW I see why people want to do the video thing on their websites and blogs. Someday.............

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