Saturday, September 1, 2007

Get Thee Behind Me Satan!

The temptations are numerous..................continuing to putz around on the comnputer, resuming my consumption of the final Harry Potter book, and scrapbooking. Alas, the fence out back calls...............the very same fence that one Vincent Van Goat a.k.a. Captain Butt Head decimated a couple of days ago and I have been unable to repair due to a cumbersome little thing known as - work. Yes, gainful employment has gotten in the way of more than one endeavor that I have sought to undertake, but I digress. It's time to bite the bullet and start digging. I've got to go out and dig a huge chunk of cement out of the ground and replace it with a wood post that he certainly cannot break, and reattach the fence.
We discovered that said fence was broken when we got home one evening only to find 5 out of 8 Van Goats cornered next to the fence by the stray dog that shows up when needed to keep the goats from running amuck. Don't ask me how this dog knows - she appears to have some kind of herding instincts and vaguely resembles some type of cattle dog - but she has appeared twice now to save our goats from the repercussions of their escapes, barking and running back and forth just like a trained cattle dog would do to keep her charges in line. We are grateful to her and told the humane society that she was ours when they came to pick up dogs running loose in the area. Allegedly, she belongs to some people down the street, but since they apparently don't care enough for her to keep her in their yard, house, or wtfe, we feed her and lie to county officials when necessary.
Back to Mr. Van Goat, below is a picture of the culprit himself, getting some love from Alex. Even though he's an ornery cuss, it's impossible not to love him because as easily as he knocks the downspout off the back of the house, he will just as easily walk over to me when I'm sitting outside, lay his head down on my leg and look up at me as if to say, " I love you - now please rub my chin, okay?" He has the sweetest face, the most soulful brown eyes - what a typical male.

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Jenny said...

Just remember, work is a four letter word. ha.

BTW -- I'm a surgical nurse too. (No goats though.)

Marnax said...

Same kinda thing happens with Tinkerbell, He has an adorable face and sweet brown loveable eyes.