Monday, April 6, 2009

In MY dreams.......

I have missed my Van Goats so much since I've been recuperating at my sister's house after the surgery, that I have started dreaming about them every night. I know - very strange. Yesterday I went home and spent some quality time with them and it was the closest thing that I've felt in a really long time. I was afraid that they had forgotten me or didn't love me anymore, but my fears were unfounded. Vanessa, of course, had to give me the cold shoulder for a few minutes, but she got over it. Little Lily and Pixie came running up to me for rubbies and Twister is still a bitch. I'm happy that I can still remember the days when she wasn't. I went with a little present for Vincent - a new collar since he outgrew his old one. A goat with such a strong propensity for extreme orneriness needs some type of device besides horns for grabbage. I bought him one of those nice very strong ones that has the big slippy closure (see - I can be really technical when I want to be.) and it's made of that really strong stuff - I dunno, nylon maybe? Anyhoo, he checked it out, I put it on him and he strutted around for about 15 minutes before trying to make it with Twister again. Wow - that almost never happens.

This is Vincent Van Goat saying......

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Oh yeah, I'm a stud... and I'm fixin to tap THAT!

And this is Twister saying.....

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In YOUR big pig!

Not so secretly, they're really hot for each other.

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