Monday, April 13, 2009

Can Goats Garden? I Don't Think So.....

Things are looking kind of bleak for the garden this year after a good beginner's attempt at organic vegetable gardening last year. Last year was the ground-breaker (pun intended) for growing our own food instead of just flowers and herbs, and it was so exciting to bring peppers, carrots and tomatoes straight from the garden to the kitchen. I didn't have to worry about what kind of dressing the lettuce might already be wearing because I knew it was naked except for a little bit of dirt and the occasional nibble mark. I want that feeling again (and I want the taste of those vegetables again!) and I've been thinking about it since I picked the last tomato, but now I'm not sure if I'll be able to do the whole gardening thing this year and I'm kinda bummed. I've gardened since I moved into this house in 2006 (okay - there were a few earlier, pitiful attempts prior to 2006) and it has been a source of joy and excellent therapy, but last year's garden moved into a whole 'nother dimension. Let's face it - you cannot dig in the garden after having a hip replacement - anybody will tell you that, up to and including the rabbits that try to eat the lettuce. I saw a man lying on the walkway in front of his house the other day, and I was like," holy shit - dude fell and he can't get up!! Wait! Dude fell and can't get up, so he decided to pass the time until someone finds him weeding the flower bed. Damn - now that's a real man." Then I realized that it could be me lying on the sidewalk weeding the flower bed in the not too distant future. I know the Van Goats would be willing to help me, but they don't know a pansy from a pepper and they'd just eat everything anyway.

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Michael said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I grew up on a farm and every year we would put out a HUGE garden - about 2 acres of veggies, dozens of acres of corn and a few acres of potatoes.

At the time I HATED gardening, weeding, watering, but now I wish that I could do it all over again.

There is just some kind of wonderful about being able to walk to the garden to cut some leaf lettuce, grab a tomatoe and cuke and make a fresh salad.

I hope your garden grows well this year, but I agree - don't let the goats help!