Friday, April 3, 2009

You can wear your hair any way you want on the ranch......

This is a picture of my little pixie after she got her hair cut today - happy as a clam she was. I have to admit I was overcome when I saw her. She made me sit out in the waiting area because she's a big girl now and when she came running out to show me her do I was beside myself. To state the obvious, she looks absolutely adorable with that hair cut (of course I'm not biased - she is totally working that do!) The other reason is that it makes me happy that she is not afraid to be different from all the other chicklets. I have noticed that these days, GIRLZ DO NOT WEAR THEIR HAIRS SHORT. (I know - it's incredible how observant I am. ) It's not that I think they should or anything - I think everyone should their hair the way they want to and to hell with what everyone else thinks. Having been married to two men who were obnoxious in their preference to long hair, this is one soapbox in particular that compels me to pull out my stepladder and haul my fat ass on up. I don't have anything against lesbians - one of my best friends is a lesbian- but I cannot freakin stand a man who is so insecure in his own manhood that he has to call a woman with a short haircut a dyke as punishment for having the audacity to wear a hairstyle he doesn't like. No less offensive - well maybe just a titch less offensive - is a man who withholds affection because he is displeased that his woman has knowingly gone out and flown in the face of his wishes and gotten the wrong do. Do freakin hoo! No really, please do not grow some balls and be happy to be with a woman who wears her hair to please herself and is her own person. Of course, everybody knows that the real reason why men want women to have long hair is so that they can have something to yank her head back with in the middle of sex. You know, like " By God, I'll make you scream one way or another - makes no difference to me."

My daughter, even at the tender of age of 6, has never been afraid to march to the beat of her own drummer. I admire and respect that about her and I pray that it never changes. Sometimes I have fears about her refusal to go along with the crowd. What if they are mean to her - shah - like there's a chance they won't be. Some of the things those kids say to each other makes my ass crawl. Some of those little girls are so critical about every little thing- I'm talking brutal. I've been there when she's barely gotten through the door of her classroom and some little girl has something to say about what she's wearing because it doesn't conform to what she feels is appropriate. What the hell is that all about? Well it's not like some adults don't feed the monster . I took her one place to get her hair cut and she wanted to get it cut short. The stylist refused to cut it short because she was afraid the other kids would make fun of her. Tip? Here's your tip, miss hairspray 2009 - put the top up on your convertible when it rains.
I tried before today's haircut to see what her perspective on the hair length issue was. "Sweetie, do you know anyone that has a short haircut?" "Yes - Cooper does. I could look like him. " Well that's good enough for me.

You know, it should be said that all of the Van Goats have short hair - even the girls. Hell - some of the girls even have beards and their men apparently still think they are HOT. Sometimes the backyard looks like "Goats Gone Wild - Raunchy Ranch Edition."

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Not Afraid to Use It said...

She looks absolutely adorable! And hurray for her for not listening to those wacko little bitches in her class. I hope your daughter keeps it up. You are an awesome mom for supporting her.