Thursday, April 9, 2009

I May Not be Normal, but I Would Still Like to be Me.

Well, after recuperating at my sister's house for 5 weeks, I'm back home with my kids, the Van Goats and their kids. I have missed being here with my kids more than I can say, but after the first 10 arguments, I sort of started remembering how much I enjoyed the peace and quiet at my sister's house. Yikes - I thought they would at least wait 24 hours before trying to out smart -ass each other. I'm such a boob! As if! My entire existence felt like it was turned upside down when I had a hip replacement - I thought that at the very least I would get a modicum of respect after having half my ass sawed off. How's that for being egotistical? Life goes on - I've learned now that nothing changes that no matter how earth- shaking an event may seem. I just wish that I felt like life is really going on - I still feel like life is going on without me. I'm ready to feel like my normal self again - whatever that is.

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