Friday, September 28, 2007

Gussy says - "Hey Facebook - You Suck!"

Umf, yumf, moof, miff, yum....uh excuse me. Sorry, I was just having some lunch here. And, yumf, moof, um,um, okay I'm stopping now....I just wanted to say that I can't believe that anyone could find fault with a little baby like me finding nourishment at his mama's breast. I mean, come on! What could be more natural? And what could be less natural than a networking-blogging wanna-be establishment that would rather promote boobs without babies attached to them - that's just wrong! So I say to Facebook, " All of us Van Goats are canceling our accounts (as soon as I ask Mama what an account is!) and you can just suckit!" yum , yumf, moof, miff, umf, yumf...............

Guest Post by Augustus G. Van Goat

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Marnax said...

Yeah! even baby goats can make social statments!