Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Have you seen this face?

Yes you have, a little while back when I was talking about my little angel, Vanessa. She is just SO sweet. And yes , you know I absolutely adore my children, but there's something about my goats, this little girl in particular. It's really hard to explain how special goats are - mine in particular ( of course). Goats really have personalities - they speak without ever uttering a word. I'll give you an example.

Last night, I was having a real shit night - there's no other way to put it. I'm not going to bore you with the details, but the evening sucked and blowed. So, I got home from the Labor Day celebraton at my sister's house, Rachel had gone to spend the night at her dad's and Alex was taking a shower (I'm always grateful for that.), and I was really in the depths of misery so I went out on the deck, sat down and promptly started caterwauling. I looked over and saw all the goats in their usual bedtime configuration under the big tree by the fence and as soon as my little Vanessa saw me sit down, she got up and came up on the deck to stand beside me. She wanted some "rubby love" - she likes to have the area I call the chest (it is right below her neck.) rubbed and scratched and she will stand there and let you do it until you stop or someone shows up with food. So the rubby love commenced and I talked to her and shared my woes with her. I ended up sitting on the steps so I could be closer to her and I hugged her and rested my head on her and she just kept getting closer and I could tell she was hugging me back. I told her that she was the sweetest little goat in the world and that I loved her and as she leaned more and more against me (that's a goat hug - you know, they can't just wrap their arms around you.) I heard her saying that she loved me too. And we sat like that, talking and hugging, until Vincent Van Goat decided he needed rubby love too and being a male, he decided it had to be all about him. Typical.

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