Sunday, September 9, 2007

Feeling Ashamed Now

I wouldn't say that today has been an unusual day because it takes alot to qualify as unusual in my life, but it has definitely been different. To start with, I overslept and didn't make it to church (okay - not so different since I've worked weekends for the last 2.5 years) and I did really want to go, so then I got up, made some coffee and got on the internet (okay...again, not so different! Crap - should I just give up on the whole different motif?) Anyhoo, I surfed my way over to a website called Refuge for a Single Mom, which is very inspirational, and from there I landed on another blog called Especially Heather, both of which are worthy of blog awards.(Okay, this is where it starts getting different.) So....... on Single Mom's blog, there is a button showing a picture of an adorable little girl and the button has writing on it that says "Praying for Emma Grace". Naturally, I was curious as to what we were praying for, so I clicked and that is when I landed on Especially Heather. Now I'm a nurse and I work in surgery in a Level I trauma center , so you know I see some scary and sad stuff, but crikey - this girl has been through it! I was crying before I finished reading about her. I am so filled with admiration and respect for her, and equally filled with shame for myself. I've been whining over every little ailment that works it's way through my body and this girl has not an ounce, not even a skosh of an ounce (I'm not really sure what a skosh is, but I know it's really small.) of self pity. If I were one of those house elves in Harry Potter, I'd be throwing myself in front of a bus right now while tearing my fingernails off! Oy.

You really have to read about Heather and Emma because I can't do them justice, but I can tell you that if you do read about them, you won't be sorry - it might even change your life.

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