Sunday, September 23, 2007

Here I am again.......

You may or may not have noticed that I haven't been posting; this is because I don't have internet access right now. Cable..dial-up......cable.......dial-up.....I'm not really happy about any of it. And furthermore......I just don't want to pay for it anymore, but how are you going to blog without internet access? Of course, that's as good a reason as any to go somewhere and drink expensive coffee beverages. Another factor in the equation - if I can't get on the internet, then neither can my son. This is good and bad- good because it keeps him out of things he doesn't need and bad because he needs it for school. You know, they say you can't win'em all and frankly I'm not okay with that - I want to win'em all. I mean why the hell are we here? God, I'm starting to bore myself.
Okay, so this past week was verrah busy. Work was nuts, Rachel went back and forth between my house and her dad's and Alex was, as always, driving me crazy! Who invented teenagers anyway? Who told them they had to act that way? If no one had ever said, "Well that's how it is - he/she is a teenager" and if they had even gone a step further and beat teenageritis out of said teenager, then a lot of us wouldn't be enduring the trauma of teens vs parents. See, what I'm saying here is that someone set our asses up, yo! If I had been the first parent of a teenager, I would have said" WTF!!???!!!??!! Listen up, ass clown - this teen thing can be hard or it can be easy. You choose." End of discussion. (Was that a little harsh?)

Yeah, I have a healthy fantasy could you tell? One of my current fantasies is the one where I live in this big house in the country - this is a house I know and I've visited. (Well, visited the people who live there.) Arrgghhh, anyway- I have a big party at my house for the people at work and a good time is had by all- even by the powers that be - and it's like" OOhhhh, what a cool house, what a slammin party!!!! She has Guinness on tap. Damn!" Now that's what I'm talkin about! And you know after such a hellatight party, everyone would be saying" Do you think we could get her to have the Christmas party? I mean the girl can cook and the fireplace in her living room! Blimey - you can walk into that fireplace. Glass on one whole side of the house - you can see her goats frolicking in the pasture. I love her house!"
See, now that's a good fantasy because it sounds like it could actually happen - not like one of those "makin it on a beach in Tahiti with Brad Pitt" fantasies - I mean HELLO! Like that would happen. Actually, I don't even like Brad Pitt - he looks sort of greasy. I mean, what the hell did Jennifer Anniston ever see in him? Was it a " He really makes me look good!" kind of thing or what? Now with Angelina, it could either way - who's making who look good? Not that I wouldn't like to be thin like her - I would - but she's just kind of scary, you know what with all the stuff she's mentioned about her past. Well, you know - I'm not going there, okay. Frankly, I've always been a Tom Hanks kind of girl - at least until he did that weird freaky thing with his hair for "The DaVinci Code." I couldn't even go see that movie because of that hair. Yikes. Tom babe - what were you thinkin?
I don't know what your Starbucks is like, but mine is rather....uh...strange. Here's something I've noticed. Everyone is on their computer or their cell...or both. No one is here to socialize, really. (Okay - I'm not either, but that's beside the point.) There are a lot of snotty little girls with their cell phones. They're all talking or texting. Then there are the yuppies who are here to work on whatever. Like the dude sitting next to me. Briefcase, cellphone and a book on triathloning. There's the professor over by the window grading papers. (I'd like to have that job.) I'm just I the only person (redneck) here for the internet because their goats took out the phone line - again?

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