Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ponderings from the Back Porch....a nice mushy little observation

Sometimes I just like to sit on the deck and watch the goats nap, play or gnaw the bark off the trees - whatever they're into at the moment. I sit there with this commentary running in my mind and I think that I could sit there literally for hours (especially if I had a cooler of beer) and never get tired of watching them. Their lives are so simple - eat, sleep, play - and yet they are so complex if you sit and watch their expressions and their mannerisms. Yes- they do have mannerisms, it's true. Also, each one of them has a personality- a countenance, if you will, that is completely, uniquely them. Twister, for example, is somewhat aloof. She is the queen of the herd and God help anyone who doubts it for a moment. She will make a believer out of that person or goat - whatever the case may be. Vanessa is my little angel - you already know this if you've ever read this blog before. She has such a big heart that looking at her just makes me feel joy. She is a funny one though. While Twister will let you get right up in her face - she'll even let you touch noses with her - Vanessa will not let you anywhere near her face. She doesn't want kisses from anybody but Wallace - he's her current boyfriend. They stand and nuzzle each other and play together, but they don't let their relationship get in the way of a good meal - all's fair in love, war and sweet feed. Wallace and Gromit are fun to watch because they always have this quizzical expression on their faces - "is this where the food is?" They play together most of the time, eat together and usually sleep side by side. Vanessa and Wallace don't sleep together yet - they're not married. Trixie and Gus are still somewhat babyish in behavior but they have grown so much it's incredible. They are so cute the way they bounce around, jump up on the deck furniture and then swan dive back onto the ground again. And Pixie...sweet sweet Pixie. She has turned out to be such a little doll. You just look out the back door around seven-thirty and you'll see her standing there waiting for the evening milking. She's so good just walks onto the stand and you don't even have to secure her in the head holder. She also likes hugs and rubbies and she is developing quite a little personality - ladylike, but she ain't takin any shit either. Then of course, there's Captain Ass also known as Vincent Van Goat. He's still the man; rules the roost while showing few signs of mellowing at his advanced age of 18 months. My kids comment on how mean he is to his kids. Hey - what can I say? He isn't always nice ( although he always wants me to love on him and scratch his chest. )His kids respect him as The Authority. That kind of makes you think about where humans have taken parenting, doesn't it?
Speaking of goats getting married......all the girls are in heat except for Trixie. You want to see some action - if this backyard's a rockin, don't come knockin! They have been off the chain running around chasing each other. The boys are trying to mount the girls, the girls are trying to mount the boys, the boys are trying to mount the boys and the girls are trying to mount the girls. It's like the collector's edition of "Goats Gone Wild" about 4 times a day. No wonder they all go bed early - they're worn out.

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