Sunday, June 3, 2007

What's for dinner?

The Van Goats have taken to coming to the back door when they feel that it is time for dinner and they are not above knocking, if necessary. It's not unusual to hear "knock knock" at the door, only to look over and see a goat peering through the glass. They wait , rather impatiently , pushing and shoving, vying for the best position. Then the door opens and the person carrying the feed bucket is mobbed, jumped on, and basically run down, all in the name of something that resembles "Grape Nuts" for goats. Then it's a determined trek to the feed bowls, which usually requires the ability to sprint, serpentine and feint like a running back to get from point A to point B.When the dust settles it's great fun to sit down on the steps and watch everybody enjoy their meal.(by enjoy I mean they play musical food bowls, checking out every bowl to make sure that no one has something the other ones don't. Goats apparently have a very strong sense of equality.

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