Friday, June 29, 2007

Green Acres is DEFINITELY the place to be!

Thursday, we went to Atlanta to pick Alex from the great Hartsfield International airport and on the way home, I decided to be adventurous and find my friend Mandy. Mandy lives on Green Acres Goat Farm in Bremen, GA, where she, her husband Shannon and their son Cole, raise Nigerian Dwarf goats. I wasn't able to reach Mandy on the phone, but never one to be put off by something as trivial as someone not answering the phone, I found her address on my cell phone via the internet and then plugged it into my VZ Navigator and it took us right to her front door! Is that awesome or what? Anyhoo, she still wasn't home, but her kind neighbor, who incidentally is her sister - in- law, helped us locate her and we got to have a short, but really wonderful visit.

Okay, for starters, Green Acres is absolutely gorgeous!!! I mean, it doesn't get any prettier than that. The pictures on the website don't do it justice. They have got a really nice property and those are some lucky goats living there. I wouldn't mind living in their barn! I just can't say enough about how appealing the whole farm - it makes you feel like you've found the dream, for which you've always been looking.

The other thing was that having never seen Nigerians up close and in person, I didn't realize the full impact of their "dwarfness". We're talking small here! They are all so adorable , I just wanted to sit down the pasture and wallow in their cuteness. They were all beautiful and inquisitive and very friendly - all very appealing traits in goats. We had to cut our visit short because Mandy was having a busy day, but I was thrilled to finally meet her in person, meet the goats I had been looking at on her website and see that gorgeous farm on which they all live. Mandy is a special person and the kids and I think that she is tops!

What a great little road trip.It was an easy drive with beautiful scenery. Being from north Georgia as I am, I decided it would be fun to take the scenic route up hwy 27 and it was definitely scenic - and LONG! Seeing where their mom grew up, did not impress the kids enough to make up for the length of the time spent on roads that kept us traveling at a range of 35-55 mph. I loved it though - it brought back so many wonderful memories of childhood. Sigh....

I have a link to the Green Acres website to the left with all my other favorites , or you can simply click here to see the goats.

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