Monday, June 18, 2007

Why I recommend "The Blue Nowhere"

by Jeffery Deaver

This book was awesome! All the details about “the Blue Nowhere” were really interesting without being mind-numbing and it gets and A+ for the thrill factor! While the concept of “the Blue Nowhere” i.e, the world of wizards, hackers, crackers and the secret life of the World Wide Web, is somewhat frightening, it is also extremely intriguing. When I started reading the book, I knew enough about Unix to know that “root” is “God” (thanks in part to Patricia Cornwell and her character Lucy in the Kay Scarpetta novels.)and that it is the real deal in terms of computer language. While I may not know a lot more now, my very small foundation of knowledge enabled me to really dive into the technical aspect of this book and read it in it’s entirety during my down time at work. It was a “Book Blitz”!!!

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