Thursday, June 7, 2007

Tempus Fugit.................

Being somewhat monetarily challenged, I've been struggling over the issue of a milking stand, particularly since milking won't happen until the stand does. I have found a website that has a great plan for a stand - it gives you absolutely everything you need to know from the building materials, right down to the actual blueprint. If you're looking for a plan to build a milking stand, look no further than the little blue goat on this page on this page. (There are a couple of links to Fias Co, actually.) This is a wonderful website that is a great resource for anyone who cares about their animals, especially goats. This is the first website to which I have ever felt compelled to make a donation, largely due to the amount and quality of the information they provide along with the down to earth manner in which it is presented.
Anyway, this week I am going to be attempting to acquire the wood and other necessary items required for the building of this milking stand. Hopefully Twister will still have milk by the time my stand gets built.

Come to think of it, tempus is fugiting all over the place. Still trying to finish school with Alex, get the house in order (a gentle euphemism for backing a dumpster up to the front door and throwing everything OUT!), resume scrapbooking and take care of EVERYTHING else that needs to be done. People think that goats are a lot of work and maybe they are, but all it takes is looking at those faces and having one come up to you to have their chin rubbed and you know it really isn't work at all - it's the saving grace.

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