Monday, June 11, 2007

So many pictures....

Yep, went a little crazy with the pictures. That's what happens when you get scared that life is passing you by, so you start clicking fast and furiously with your little camera and the next thing you know, you've got a gazillion pictures on your blog and very few posts. I'm sure I'll find a happy medium some day. I'm still a novice, so I guess a little slack is in order.
I'm still trying to finish up school with Alex. It's like trying to lead a horse to water - except you can actually get a horse to go to the water. Next year I hope to be able to use the Sonlight curriculum with Alex and Rachel. Alex will be in his 12th grade year and Rachel will be starting pre-school and from what I've seen of the Sonlight curriculum, it has so many excellent options including the Singapore Math,you just really couldn't go wrong. I'm really wanting to use the Singapore Math with Rachel because they actually start at her early level. Of course, you don't have to use Sonlight to get Singapore Math or Science, but I like all the other options they have too. The prices are a little steep for me personally, but they offer a pretty good payment plan, so I haven't given up hope yet. In the meantime, Alex is reading Monster by Walter Dean Myers. I plan on having him do a multi - faceted book report and by that I mean that I will have him look at the story from several different perspectives and report on his thoughts and feelings, i.e. if he was the central character, the prosecution, or the victim's family and on. We lead a sheltered life - I think it's important to see different types of circumstances to develop as a human being ; to develop the understanding that is necessary in order to have compassion and caution toward fellow man.

So, today is my inaugural "flight" with Flylady - I am going to get my house and my life in order and I believe that the Flylady is going to help me. I swear, when I look at her website and read through the pages, it sounds just like she's talking to ME! It almost freaked me out. Kind of like Larry the Cable Guy sitting naked in his bean bag eating Cheetos and watching the evangelist on TV. Okay, I'm off to shine my sink! Have a great day!

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